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Risayu Mitra Sejati

PT Risayu Mitra Sejati is a trusted pioneer in the asset acquisition industry, specializing in providing efficient and effective solutions. With a strong track record and extensive experience, we excel in evaluating and acquiring assets that require attention from financial institutions. Our dedicated team conducts in-depth research to maximize recovery potential while prioritizing trust, transparency, and professionalism in all our partnerships. Through collaboration and innovative strategies, we are committed to delivering favorable outcomes for our clients, helping them overcome challenges in their credit portfolios and achieve their goals in the credit asset industry. Contact Risayu Mitra Sejati today to discover how we can assist you.

What We Do

Risayu Mitra Sejati

PT Risayu Mitra Sejati is a specialist in acquiring distressed assets and providing effective solutions for underperforming loans. Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive analysis, develops tailored strategies for maximum recovery, and works closely with clients to optimize their credit asset management. With our commitment to professionalism and transparency, we deliver tangible results in the credit asset industry.

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